Welcome to our John Holmes tribute website! Join us as we celebrate the short life of the long-schlonged porn warrior who passed away from an AIDS-related illness after over appearing in more than 2500 adult films.

With his tremendous popularity, John Holmes continues to be a phenomenon.

For all you John Holmes fans out there, we are assembling an exciting selection of merchandise so you can own a piece of porn history!

In the coming months, we’ll be producing and retailing a range of John Holmes items such as:

• Replica of actual-John-Holmes dimension model dildos and vibrators, something every John Holmes fan should have or would love to have. And yes they’re fully functional.

• A large collection of John Holmes videos and stag films. Retro porn at its finest, sheesh they even had narratives back then.

• DVDs of John Holmes-inspired mainstream movies such as A Life Measured In Inches and Boogie Nights among others.

• Movie posters and photographs, autographed by the one and only King of Porn.

• John Holmes sweatbands so you can get physical just like his playmates did and wow your next 80s-style aerobics class.

• John Holmes head knockers – definitely a must for every fan out there.

• John Holmes beer can holders to keep your beers cold, even after you take it out of the cooler.

• John Holmes heat-sensitive and color-changing mugs that are sure to surprise when they reveal that unique John Holmes design.

• Distinctive John Holmes tile coasters that are sure to liven up any room or party while protecting your furniture and surfaces.

• Attention-grabbing John Holmes rectangle magnets so you’ll never miss important notes and reminders.

• John Holmes unique pins and buttons to express yourself.

• Analog wall clocks that are 100% Johnny Wadd to decorate your room or your space.

• John Holmes motion pens which once tilted, let you watch the king of porn make his moves.

• Lightweight yet durable John Holmes bottle opener and keychain, a very handy tool to bring along with you anywhere.

• John Holmes cotton T-shirts featuring poster graphics, images and famous quotes of the man himself.

• John Holmes 100% cotton pajama bottoms so that you can lounge in comfort.

A lot more is in store for all John Holmes fans out there, so watch this space!